Basic Clothing Essentials When You Go Hiking

You most likely know the things you need to bring on a hike and the tips on how to be safe while walking on a trail. Nevertheless, it is important to know wheather you need to wear custom hoodies canada or not when hiking.

Here are some basic clothing essentials you must bring with you when you go hiking.

Factors When Picking Out Hiking Clothes


Knowing the environment and weather conditions, you can determine the hiking clothes that will provide safety. For instance, if you are hiking in an area with a lot of insects, it will be best to be extra careful by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants. You should also bring with you your insect repellent even in summer.

Level of Comfort

Among hikers, clothing with a cotton material is not recommended. When we sweat, our body can control the temperature of the body. For cotton, it absorbs water and does not promote sweating. As a result, it does not release the heat to help regulate your body temperature. Moreover, the fit of your clothing plays a big role in comfort as well.


Hiking gear with good quality can be expensive, so you better choose clothing items that can be used for multiple purposes. One of these pieces of clothing is wearing a lightweight, long-sleeved hiking shirt. You can roll up the sleeves when it gets too hot. Another one is a pair of convertible long pants that can be turned into a pair of short pants.

Clothing Pieces You Need


Cotton is not a good idea when choosing underwear for hiking. You can opt for nylon, merino wool, or polyester materials. These get rid of the moisture, so it could prevent wetness and chafing which can make you uncomfortable.


Depending on the material, you can even opt to wear your custom T-shirts while hiking. For example, when hiking in spring, it will be best to wear a short-sleeved shirt. In summer, a long-sleeved shirt with UPF protection is best. It can make you feel dry and comfortable because it can help sweat evaporate quickly.


Whatever piece of clothing you want for the lower half of your body, you can wear it as long as it is appropriate for the environment you will hike in. You just need to remember that it should make you move comfortably and be made of quick-drying materials. Hiking hazards such as sharp rocks and insects should also be considered for the length and thickness of the material.


Similar to other pieces of clothing, you should determine the weather and season of the place you will be hiking in. A good option for jackets is the one that can be folded and put away in your backpack. The jacket should also be windproof and waterproof. It makes the jacket more functional for whatever weather condition that could occur during your hike.


Again, it is not a good idea to wear cotton socks. Your feet will likely stay wet throughout your hike since cotton retains sweat. It can give you a hard time during your hike since you could end up having blisters.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to wear when hiking is just as important as knowing what to bring on your hike. Wearing the proper attire can help you enjoy the experience by making you feel more comfortable during the entire time.

Camp Gear

Finding the Best Camping Mattresses in 2020

We are rounding up 3 of the best mattresses that we feel should be given the spotlight in 2020.

1. REI Co-op Camp Dreamer XL

This self-inflating mat can provide maximum comfort to any happy camper. It is reasonably priced considering the quality and durability. A lot of people complain about how bulky and wide it is, but for us, this is a good thing because it is a given when you want something to sleep on that resembles your bed at home.

2. Alps Mountaineering Apex Series 

Here is another self-inflating mattress, but this time this is for those who are on a budget. What we loved about the Apex Series is its material, which is polyester. It is not like other budget mattresses that have plastic material. This one has a grip texture that doesn’t feel cheap and, at the same time, less slippery. The comfort you get is quite decent for the amount you are paying for it. It is at the top among those of the same price in terms of utility and quality.

3. Exped MegaMat Max 15 Duo

This mattress is a combination of an airbed and a self-inflating pad that can fit two people. It has a thick cushion, which is at around 5.9 inches, and the material can keep you warm. In general, this is a well-performing mattress if you value comfort and quality. However, if size and cost matter a lot, then you might find this too bulky, space-consuming, and too costly.

Hiking Gear

2020’s Top 3 Rain Jackets

If you’re in the market for a rain jacket, you should consider factors such as weight, breathability, compactness, the fabric, if it is waterproof or water-resistant, and many others.

We have come up with our top 3 rain jackets which might help you decide which one to get.

1. Arc’teryx Zeta SL

This rain jacket is on the costly end of the price spectrum. However, the features are quite impressive.

This jacket boasts of its 2L Gore-Tex with Paclite Plus material, which makes it waterproof, lightweight, packable, and skin-friendly. The 40-denier shell allows it to withstand use over the years to come.

The problem with this jacket is its 2-layer design. It is not breathable. So if you are particular about breathability, then this is worth noting.

Overall, the price is reasonable, considering its features and its quality.

2. Marmot PreCip Eco

We decided to include the PreCip Eco jacket on our list because of its functionality and affordability.

In terms of functionality, the jacket is waterproof and made of 2.5L Nano Pro material. It is lightweight, has an adjustable hood, and, most importantly, the materials used are durable.

The price point is low, which makes it accessible to anyone who wouldn’t want to spend on pricey items, but still want something that lasts long.

The only thing that we didn’t like about it is that the lining inside tends to get damp when sweating and so it can get uncomfortable if that happens.

3. Outdoor Research Helium

If you are looking for something that is ultralight, compact, and high-quality, then you should try this out.

The thing to love about this product is the 2.5L Pertex Shield Diamond Fuse fabric that makes it more durable and tear-resistant. Even better is the fact that the material is a lot lighter and compact. You can fold it and store everything in the front pocket of the jacket, and it won’t consume too much space in your bag.

The only problem we found in this item is that it cannot withstand heavy rains because the fabric is so thin, and it results in a moisture buildup.

Climbing Gear

Butora Endeavor and Scarpa Origin for Beginner Climbers

As a beginner, your shoes don’t have to be like those of a professional climber. Their shoes are different because they take on challenging rocks to climb.

What matters most for beginners is that you should find shoes that are tight yet comfortable. Don’t push for something too tight to the point that it will hurt your feet, while you’re climbing.

Butora Endeavor

This model is relatively cheap for performance-oriented climbing shoes. The materials used are a mixture of memory foam and open-cell foam.

We love the design and its build because it is perfect for beginners. It is versatile with its Velcro straps to ensure your shoes are snug for maximum performance and minimal discomfort.

Scarpa Origin

The second shoe that we would like to suggest is the Scarpa Origin. The design is well-thought-out especially in terms of functionality and support without sacrificing comfort. Also, the quality speaks for itself. The brand has proven time and time again that it can stand the test of time despite constant wear and tear. This shoe is a close competition to the Butora Endeavor.

At this point, we would like to point out that choosing between the two boils down to one’s preference because both are durable, relatively cheap, and comfortable to use. All these factors are all you need in climbing shoes.

Lastly, both models are two of the top-performing shoes for beginners in climbing, so try on both and see for yourself which suits you best.

Climbing Gear

The Top 3 Bouldering Crash Pads in 2020

We’re narrowing down your options to three to make things easier for you just in case you’re confused as to which bouldering crash pad to get.

1. Organic Climbing Big Four

The Big Four made it at the top of our list because of the materials used. It has three layers of foams – memory foam, closed-cell foam, and open-cell foam. The three types of foam make it a perfectly balanced cushioning, and you will know that it will last you for a long time despite years of use.

2. Metolius Session II 

Session II is one of the cheapest yet quality crash pads available in the market. We decided to include this for those who are in the lookout for budget crash pads. The quality is better compared to others that are within the same price range.

It comes with a built-in carpet patch to ensure your shoes are clean before you climb, and it’s a good enough landing cushion for beginners. Do note that it is smaller than other crash pads, so be aware of where you fall.

3. Black Diamond Mondo

In bouldering, if you want something assuring, then you always go for big crash pads. This model is loved by many because it measures around 20 square feet and is about 5 inches thick. There are no gaps in between pads, and it provides a strong grip even if the ground is uneven. Feel safe and reassured while enjoying your hobby to your heart’s content.

Camp Gear

Basic Camping Gear that Won’t Leave You Broke

In this article, we have picked out some of the basic camping gear you will need such as a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, stove, and chair, to make your first few camping trips go smoothly without leaving a dent in your wallet.

Camping Tent 

We picked the Coleman Sundome 6 because it is straightforward, cheap, yet functional. It is spacious, can withstand light to moderate rain showers, give you room for privacy, and provide protection from bugs and insects.

It does what a camping tent is supposed to do. It may not be all fancy and full-featured, but Coleman is a trusted brand, and so you know it can get the job done.

Sleeping Bags and Mattress

For those on a budget, we suggest Teton Sports Celsius sleeping bags because it has a zero-degree rating plus a mummy hood to keep you warm, and the material is made from soft fabric to keep you comfortable.

For the mattress, pick the Alps Mountaineering Apex. It doesn’t feel cheap because of the suede fabric. It is self-inflating and has 3-inch padding, enough for you to wake up without back pain.

Camping Stove

The Coleman Classic Propane is a popular and classic choice for its simplicity. It has two burners so you can boil water on one side while preparing food on the other.

Camping Chair

Pick the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler. Yes, it is not like other camping chairs that have so many unique features, but when looking for good quality basic gear, you only need it to be sturdy yet comfortable. This model has both. It’s even better because it has a mini cooler on one of the arms of the chair.

Camp Gear

The Top 3 Camping Tents of 2020

Camping tents have evolved so much. Get something that has the features you need and not the ones that are unnecessary so you won’t have to spend a fortune for a tent.

1. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model 6-Person

If you are the type who values sturdiness and something that can keep you safe and dry while camping despite harsh weather conditions, then you might want to try this model.

The fabric used in this model is what stands out the most since it can withstand strong winds, rain, and snow. Despite that, you can still enjoy the sunny outdoors on good weather days with mesh windows for proper ventilation.

2. REI Co-op Kingdom 6

Kingdom 6 is a luxury tent. If you are the type to go on glamping or long camping trips and serious about it, you know how important comfort is.

Space, ventilation, and quality are all topnotch with this model. It may be on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for as it is built to last. The quality and experience you get if you do use this tent are unbelievable.

3. Coleman Sundome 6

This is a budget tent that can let you camp comfortably on a day when the weather is good. It has all the basic features that a tent should have. So it’s a wise choice for those who are just camping a few times in a year and not for the avid campers.

Even if it’s from Coleman, remember that the price is cheap, so don’t set your expectations too high. You get the quality that you pay for with this tent, so it is a good entry-level and budget tent.

Hiking Gear

The 3 Best Hiking Shoes 2020 has to Offer

In this article, you will find our top 3 picks and brief reasons why they topped our list.

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

This is an overall well-performing and efficient shoe for long trail hikes.  We loved its tread design, the stable chassis, waterproofing, the cushioned interior, toe cap, and single-pull laces.

The price of this shoe is reasonable, considering its features. Plus, its durability is undoubted.

The only fault we found in this product is that wearing this during warm weather may cause discomfort because it is of Gore-Tex material. But this will come in handy if it’s a cold season.

2. Altra Lone Peak 4.5 

This shoe is a crowd-favorite among those who decide to take on the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.

It has a simplified lacing system, excellent traction, and is lightweight yet durable.

What amazed us was the fact that it was so light, but it provided maximum protection. The cushioning was thick enough to protect the feet from any discomfort when there is any underfoot impact.

What we didn’t like was the wide fit. If your feet are narrow, this shoe will make it difficult for you if you plan to go on a technical trail.

3. Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator 

If you are on a tight budget, this hiking shoe would best suit you. There may be other shoes that can do better, but considering its price, it can do a lot more than what other hiking shoe brands have to offer.

This shoe is not the most ideal for technical hiking or running trails because of its poor traction, especially when the trails are muddy or rocky. You may want to note that this shoe is not waterproof.

However, the good thing about it is that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear because of its cushion. If you are just a beginner in hiking, then you should try this shoe and get a feel of it.