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Month: December 2020

What is Skateboarding: Everything You Need to Know


Skateboarding is an extreme sport that entails riding and doing skateboard maneuvers as a leisure activity that need best skateboard wheels, an art medium, a career in the entertainment industry, and even a mode of transportation. This sport has inspired thousands and thousands of skateboarders over the decades.
This extreme sport was declared to be played at the 2020 Summer Olympics. In 2018, the skateboard industry grew at roughly US$ 1.94 billion. The average annual sales are $4.8 billion, with the reported number of participating athletes globally at about 11.08 …

Why You Need to Make Art Outside

Make Art Outside

Do you remember the last time you made art outside your house or studio? Most artists work indoors in their workshops.  According to BestofTrim.com, lately, there is a considerable number of artists who consider working outdoors- in garden parks, gardens, or anywhere away from home.
There are Plein air events (Plein air is French for “in the open air”) which are usually hosted to encourage artists to paint outdoor. These events target a certain region and go on for a few days or even weeks. After the event, there is usually a show and sale where the artists sell their new …

The Best Solar Flashlights for Night Time Hikes

One of the essential tools you would need in preparation for a long hike would be a solar flashlight. It can help you maneuver your way through dark areas especially during nighttime and for veteran hikers it would be a big problem if this was to be left out of your list, especially when it can save your life in a lot of ways, like signaling for rescue, navigating in the dark, following a trail and any type of survival situations.
However, a lot of hikers still find themselves unequipped with the right and sensible solar flashlight, so here we are going to go over the …