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About MSR Snowshoes

About MSR Snowshoes

MSR snowshoes are engineered with winter conditions, ultimate performance, and unrivaled technology in mind. For over a decade, this Seattle based company has been recognized for its innovation and snowshoe designs. MSR’s unprecedented foundation of all-terrain traction, modular flotation and ergonomic efficiency provides fit and performance. No matter the terrain, depth of powder, or changing conditions, MSR Snowshoes will perform in all of winter’s changing moods.

MSR’s snowshoes feature unparallel traction, flotation, and efficiency.

How do you describe MSR’s snowshoes? Fast. Light. Efficient. Reliable.

MSR Snowshoe features include:

  • All terrain tractionWith the debut of the Denali Unibody snowshoes in 1990, MRS has set the bar for all terrain traction with snowshoes. Traction is essential for everyday walking to ascending an ice climb and MSR provides the safe and efficient traction you need. The Denali snowshoes improved grip from in-mold traction changed snowshoes forever. Traditional tubular frames with centered crampons cannot compare to the premium frames now available. MSR’s snowshoes offer a water jet-cut from a single blade of aerospace-grade aluminum to deliver absolute, unrivaled, edge-to-edge grip with minimal weight. There is no better choice for traction today. The 360° Traction™ frames offer the best traction ever designed in an aggressive snowshoe for icy slopes and steep terrain. See Video Below!

  • Modular Flotation Now available on ALL adult snowshoes (purchased separately), MSR’s Modular Flotation Tails allow you to choose a smaller, primary snowshoe for added maneuverability, with the benefit of added, on-demand flotation when you need it. By increasing the surface area of your snowshoes, these flotation tails make deep powder easy and pack light so you can use them when you need them.See Video Below!

  • Ergonomic Efficiency From ultralight glove-friendly components, to biomechanically engineered frames, MSR snowshoes conserve energy with every step to ensure you perform at your best. The customized fit allows you to hike with a binding system that supports your natural stride and step.

In addition, MSR snowshoes offer features included with specific models that will fit your needs. These include a snowshoe that will fit your experience level whether you want to day hike in comfort, aggressively challenge a slope, or hit the trail with the kids.

MSR Snowshoe bindings

  • The latest technology of MSR’s easiest to use bindings, the SpeedLock™ Binding is offers exceptional all-day comfort and fast, easy fitting and removal of snowshoes. These bindings can be used in either a two-strap or three-strap mode. Once set, the SpeedLock™ Binding provides a quick step in-step out secured system. This binding can be found on the Lightning Axis, Lightning Flash, and Evo Tour models. See Video Below!
  • The Posilock AT Binding offers the most aggressive bindings with four straps and a freeze-resistant, two-piece urethane body to independently and securely conform to any footwear.

MSR Snowshoe AXIS™ Gait Efficiency MSR has designed a revolutionary, laterally adjustable system that allows you to walk with an efficient, parallel stride regardless of your natural gait. Built into the Lightning Axis snowshoes, this system improves comfort and gait efficiency as well as customized fit. The entire binding system can be rotated up to 8 degrees counting the effects of natural toe-out and toe-in stances. This customized fit allows for a natural stride and prevents the edges of your snowshoes from catching as you walk. By observing your toe-in or toe-out footprint, you can adjust your snowshoes to counter your natural gait and strides.

Ergo™ Televator MSR wants you to be comfortable while traversing. Models including Televator heel lifts will help you conserve energy on the steeps while increasing traction. The new, Ergo Televator heel lifts engage with the simple flick of a snowshoe pole. Whether your calves get tired or you want to spread weight over the snowshoes, the Televator heel lifts help you to engage the entire frames traction for unrivaled grip. This system is built into all the Ascent Models including Ligntning Ascent, Womens Lightning Ascent, and Evo Assent snowshoes.

No matter where you travel, your experience level or snow conditions, MSR has a snowshoe designed to perform and provide for your utmost enjoyment of winter recreation.

Ready to get some snowshoes? See our great selection of MSR snowshoes at great prices!

Discover more about the MSR brand of products and the company profile or if you need some advice for your poles, learn more about Snowshoeing with poles and make your adventures even better!





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