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Author: Lance Meyer

The 3 Best Camping Tents of 2021

Camping tents have evolved so much. Get something that has the features you need and not the ones that are unnecessary so you won’t have to spend a fortune for a tent.
1. Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model 6-Person
If you are the type who values sturdiness and something that can keep you safe and dry while camping despite harsh weather conditions, then you might want to try this model.
The fabric used in this model is what stands out the most since it can withstand strong winds, rain, and snow. Despite that, you can still enjoy the sunny outdoors on good weather days with mesh windows for …

The 3 Best Hiking Shoes 2021 has to Offer

In this article, you will find our top 3 picks and brief reasons why they topped our list.
1. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX
This is an overall well-performing and efficient shoe for long trail hikes.  We loved its tread design, the stable chassis, waterproofing, the cushioned interior, toe cap, and single-pull laces.
The price of this shoe is reasonable, considering its features. Plus, its durability is undoubted.
The only fault we found in this product is that wearing this during warm weather may cause discomfort because it is…

Basic Clothing Essentials When You Go Hiking

Clothing Essentials

You most likely know the things you need to bring on a hike and the tips on how to be safe while walking on a trail. Nevertheless, it is important to know wheather you need to wear custom hoodies canada or not when hiking.
Here are some basic clothing essentials you must bring with you when you go hiking.
Factors When Picking Out Hiking Clothes
Knowing the environment and weather conditions, you can determine the hiking clothes that will provide safety. For instance, if you are hiking in an area with a lot of insects, it will be best …