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The Best Mountain Bike Helmets for 2021

Mountain bike helmets give you proper protection in cases of accidents. We can’t stress out enough that when choosing helmets, you shouldn’t compromise quality over cost.

Here is a round-up of three of the best mountain bike helmets of 2020:

1. Giro Chronicle MIPS

This helmet made it at the top of the list because of the value for money and quality. The features that this helmet offers are more or less similar to those which are more expensive, but this model is a lot cheaper.

We loved that the helmet’s coverage is sufficient, with the padding and lining giving enough breathability, and the visor does not get in the way of your sight but still blocks out the glare.

2. Troy Lee Designs A2

If you are more of an aggressive biker, then this model might be a good match for you. Although it can be quite pricey, the features justify the cost.

First, this helmet’s ventilation has improved a lot compared to its previous model because of the wide openings in the front and the back, but without sacrificing coverage for protection.

Second, this model uses two types of foams to absorb high-speed and low-speed impacts with the use of EPS and EPP foams for better safety.

Third, it suits minimalists because of its design, fit, and performance.

3. POC Octal X SPIN

If you want a helmet that is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear, breathable and provides protection like no other brands, then you should try this model.

What we loved the most about this model is how much protection it provides. The brand uses its SPIN technology wherein the EPS liner is reinforced with Aramid fibers. This feature is not found in major helmet brands.

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