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Boot Sizing Information for Lowa Boots

Boot Sizing Information for Lowa Boots

Because even within the same brand boots can feel different, because everyone has unique foot profiles, and because each customer comes to a new boot purchase having worn something different, it really is impossible for us to give you good advice about how a Lowa boot is going to fit your feet.

Here are some tidbits about Lowa Boots that may help:
  • Lowa says their boots are made specifically to the measurements found on a Brannock Device. You know, that thing you see in most shoe stores.

  • From our anecdotal experience with customers, after researching customer reviews on the web, and based on the fact that most people come to us having used a certain pair of boots and not necessarily having stepped on a Brannock device, we feel fairly confident in generalizing that Lowa boots tend to run a tad small and a tad narrow.

  • Of course we can only generalize and so much depends on your point of reference... what are you comparing it to? If you are currently wearing an American-designed or chinese-made boot or basically anything that is NOT made from a European last - you should consider ordering up a size in Lowa. You might also consider wide-fit boots (please note that not all Lowa boots come in a wide model), but remember that wide means not only an increased lateral measurement, but larger overall volume. So tread carefully here.

  • Most Lowa Backpacking Boots are made from the same last (the form used to determine size and shape of foot). That said, each boot may feel a bit different based on things like ankle height (higher up on the ankle = slightly more stiff), rubber rand (if there is a rand all the way around the boot, it may be slightly more stiff in that area), leather lining (at first leather lining feel "puffier" but eventually pack out into the shape of your foot for a custom feel).

  • The Terrec, Khumbu and Jannu Boots are made from a different last than many of the other Lowa Backpacking Boots.

  • In general, each size of a Lowa boot brings inch of extra length.

IF PRESSED, WE RECOMMEND: buy a size bigger than their US size in a Lowa boot. Consider a wide-fit model if you tend to notice pinching on the sides of your feet or otherwise buy wide shoes.

For some more background about how backpacking boots are made and general sizing and fit recommendations, check out our Fitting Backpacking Boots page

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Did you find this information helpful? Or was it misleading? CONTACT US and let us know!


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