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Butora Endeavor and Scarpa Origin for Beginner Climbers

As a beginner, your shoes don’t have to be like those of a professional climber. Their shoes are different because they take on challenging rocks to climb.

What matters most for beginners is that you should find shoes that are tight yet comfortable. Don’t push for something too tight to the point that it will hurt your feet, while you’re climbing.

Butora Endeavor

This model is relatively cheap for performance-oriented climbing shoes. The materials used are a mixture of memory foam and open-cell foam.

We love the design and its build because it is perfect for beginners. It is versatile with its Velcro straps to ensure your shoes are snug for maximum performance and minimal discomfort.

Scarpa Origin

The second shoe that we would like to suggest is the Scarpa Origin. The design is well-thought-out especially in terms of functionality and support without sacrificing comfort. Also, the quality speaks for itself. The brand has proven time and time again that it can stand the test of time despite constant wear and tear. This shoe is a close competition to the Butora Endeavor.

At this point, we would like to point out that choosing between the two boils down to one’s preference because both are durable, relatively cheap, and comfortable to use. All these factors are all you need in climbing shoes.

Lastly, both models are two of the top-performing shoes for beginners in climbing, so try on both and see for yourself which suits you best.

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