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Category: Climbing Gear

Butora Endeavor and Scarpa Origin for Beginner Climbers

As a beginner, your shoes don’t have to be like those of a professional climber. Their shoes are different because they take on challenging rocks to climb.
What matters most for beginners is that you should find shoes that are tight yet comfortable. Don’t push for something too tight to the point that it will hurt your feet, while you’re climbing.
Butora Endeavor
This model is relatively cheap for performance-oriented climbing shoes. The materials used are a mixture of memory foam and open-cell foam.

The 3 Best Bouldering Crash Pads in 2021

We’re narrowing down your options to three to make things easier for you just in case you’re confused as to which bouldering crash pad to get.
1. Organic Climbing Big Four
The Big Four made it at the top of our list because of the materials used. It has three layers of foams – memory foam, closed-cell foam, and open-cell foam. The three types of foam make it a perfectly balanced cushioning, and you will know that it will last you for a long time despite years of use.
2. Metolius Session IIĀ