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Crescent Moon
Snowshoe Bindings - The Crescent Moon Difference and Gold vs Silver Series Features

Crescent Moon<br> Snowshoe Bindings - The Crescent Moon Difference and Gold vs Silver Series Features

Ever since Crescent Moon bindings got top pick and "best binding" rating in Backpacker Magazine's 2009 Fall/Winter Gear Guide, these snowshoes have won the hearts and minds of snowshoers everywhere.

At, we love Crescent Moon snowshoes because they are made right here in the USA (Boulder, CO) using earth-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. We particularly like the Gold Series snowshoes because they pack so much bang for the buck.... With the durable and easy-to-use binding AND lifetime warranty, how can you not spring for the best?

About Crescent Moon's SPL Binding
All snowshoes have 3 similar elements:
  • The binding
  • The decking
  • The traction system Of these the binding is by far the most important element to consider when choosing your new snowshoes. The binding is what you put your foot into and connects you to the platform that you walk on. the better that connection is the more natural it will feel. Crescent Moon's SPL (single pull loop)binding has been recognized over and over as the "best binding" on the market because of its unique 'all-foot-encompassing design'.

    The SPL captures and holds your foot securely in place using compression from the top down, from side to side, and most uniquely from the toe to the heel. (compared to other snowshoe vendors which have open-toe designs). The bindings are left and right specific with an anatomical shape to wrap around your feet in every direction – this unique feature is what makes the SPL fit (and feel) like no other binding. With the SPL binding, your snowshoe becomes a natural extension of your foot's motion, it moves where you move, it does what you do, uphill, downhill, across the rolling tundra, on or off trails.

    About Crescent Moon Gold Series Snowshoes
    Crescent Moon recently made some changes to their SPL (single-pull-loop) binding, including: enlarging the harness to capture more of your foot, adding a horizontal stabilizer beneath the footplate for greater control, and significantly changing the size of the stomp pad to increase both traction and comfort. All the Gold series shoes have thicker, abrasion resistant decking material which makes them more durable. And the features which have made Crescent Moon one of the most recognizable brands in the category, such as the unique tear drop shaped TIG welded frame and 3 claw traction system, remain the same. Crescent Moon’s unqiue 3 claw traction system which, in the Gold series are stainless steel (except for the Gold 12 running shoe) and finally,each TIG welded frame is brilliantly colored which makes Crescent Moon distinctly different from the rest of the market, both in the store and on the snow.

    • Teardrop shape frame for a natural stride and optimal flotation
    • TIG welded powder coated aluminum frame for greater strength and durability
    • The SPL binding distributes the tension equally around your foot to provide the best possible fit.
    • TGS decking material is stable and durable in all snow conditions. Contains no PVC
    • Fits a wide range of shoe sizes - women's size 5 to men's size 13
    • Made in the USA (Boulder, CO)
    • Lifetime Warranty

    About Crescent Moon's Silver Series Snowshoes
    The Silver Series is constructed with the same molded stirrup as the Gold series binding including the the Single pull loop strap adjustments, but instead of using ratcheting buckles in the heel strap as they do in the Gold series, the Silver series is made with tension lock buckles and a spring cam buckle heel strap. Silver Series snowshoes are built with aluminum crampons (instead of stainless steel) and the frames in the Silver series are all polished aluminum instead of the brilliantly colored frames found on the Gold series. Many of the features and benefits are shared between the Gold and Silver series, but the Silver series are “value” priced because of the different components used and a lifetime warranty on the Golds vs. a 2 year limited warranty on the Silvers.

    • Teardrop shape frame for a natural stride and optimal flotation
    • "Simplified SPL" binding with single-pull loop system that secures your foot in all directions
    • Aluminum three-claw traction system for ultimate control
    • TGS decking material is very durable for all snow conditions
    • Aircraft grade polished Aluminum frame
    • Fits a wide range of shoe sizes-woman's size 5 to men's size 13
    • Made in the USA (Boulder, CO)
    • 2 year limited warranty

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