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What is Skateboarding: Everything You Need to Know


Skateboarding is an extreme sport that entails riding and doing skateboard maneuvers as a leisure activity that need best skateboard wheels, an art medium, a career in the entertainment industry, and even a mode of transportation. This sport has inspired thousands and thousands of skateboarders over the decades.

This extreme sport was declared to be played at the 2020 Summer Olympics. In 2018, the skateboard industry grew at roughly US$ 1.94 billion. The average annual sales are $4.8 billion, with the reported number of participating athletes globally at about 11.08 million.

In this article, we will explore the interesting facts and backgrounds of skateboarding to give you a better understanding of the sport.

How to Use Skateboard?

It’s very important to embrace even the simplest concepts of skateboarding. This is because this sport can be risky when performed without care. Several of these fundamentals include mounting, back and forth motion, and halting.

After learning these skills, you should try to do some simple stunts like “tick-tack”. There are several skateboarding locations or open parks that you can find online to help you learn and perfect the skill of skateboarding.

Equipment you Need for Skateboarding

Wondering how to get started? Here is a list of the equipment that you need to skateboard.

  • Skateboarding Parts

Skateboard Parts, such as wheels and skateboards, are the simple and basic equipment you need to have. The wheels enable you to execute your cools stunts. Its features influence how quickly you can move. The majority of the wheels range between 50 to 75 mm, while the most common is around 52 to 56 mm.

  • Skateboarding Bag

There are decent skateboarding bags to keep your stuff, protective gears, and replacement parts secure. Many of the latest generation skateboards come with bags that are specially designed for skateboarders. This way, you can quickly pack your skateboard when you decide to rest from your cool skateboarding maneuvers.

Different Types of SkateboardsĀ 

The advancement of skateboarding has contributed to the creation and improvement of various types of skateboard decks. Different skateboards are crafted to satisfy the requirements of various riding conditions including doing tricks, going down the driveway, going into a bowl trick or half-pipe, or simply going down a slope.

As a guideline, we might assume that short skateboard decks were designed for tricks, as long skateboards were built for cruising.

Have a look at some recent, popular, and commonly utilized styles of skateboards, which can be seen gliding out on the roadsides.

  • Mini-Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard is a great entry-level board for novice skaters and young children alike. It’s safe and perfect for skating around the city, taking out a few maneuvers, gliding a bowl, or visiting a park. Additionally, it is very compact and fits perfectly well in any backpack.

  • Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboard

This is a basic and commonly used skateboard style. It fits well on parks, street boarding, and any kind of maneuvers. Besides, it is portable and a perfect choice for novices.

  • Downhill Longboard Skateboard

This skateboard has been specially developed to navigate steep country lanes and slope-style race events. It’s a creative skateboard designed for a particular reason. It offers greater balance and pace than traditional longboard skateboarding.

  • Electric Skateboard

This is the newest introduction to skateboarding. One of the pre-eSkate generation’s initial innovations was the longboard types.

This was an off-road board incorporating massive all-terrain tires. It also had an extended flexible shaft made with a rubber ball in the rear to boost, guide, and slowly create a brake while riding.

The concept gradually evolved through electric skateboards, which are fitted with a minimal engine. The concept was designed to attract young urban riders and technology geeks.

Skateboarding Tricks

Tricks create a great role in terms of skateboarding. Here are some of the tricks and techniques done by both the novice and pro skateboarders.

  • Ollie Trick
  • Pop Shuvit Trick
  • Backside 180 Trick
  • Kickflip Trick
  • Powersliding Trick
  • Manual Trick
  • Casper Trick
  • 50 50 Trick
  • Heel Flip Tric


Skateboarding is just a matter of work. With regular practice, it eventually becomes just as simple as walking for you. Bear in mind, though, that you must be trained by a professional. Overall, there’s not much to think about whether you flex those wild and cool pro skateboarding stunts or not.

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