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Why You Need to Make Art Outside

Make Art Outside

Do you remember the last time you made art outside your house or studio? Most artists work indoors in their workshops.  According to BestofTrim.com, lately, there is a considerable number of artists who consider working outdoors- in garden parks, gardens, or anywhere away from home.

There are Plein air events (Plein air is French for “in the open air”) which are usually hosted to encourage artists to paint outdoor. These events target a certain region and go on for a few days or even weeks. After the event, there is usually a show and sale where the artists sell their new paintings.

Though painting home interiors in a confined space is a logical choice, numerous benefits come with making art outside. They include;

Enhanced productivity

Changing your working station from inside to outside will help reinvigorate your productivity. It will also help refresh your mind as you get to breathe fresh air, feel the fresh wind brush your face, and hear the chirping of birds. When making art outside, you are no longer limited to a confined space, which in turn expands your awareness.

Better view

Painting outdoor is also advantageous since you get a better view of what you are painting. You see the color for what it is, and not through a lens or a printed page.

More confident

Painting home interiors or making art outside will add more confidence to your work. When working outside, some conditions, such as shadows and light, are constantly changing. Therefore, you learn to work faster and become more confident with playing around with your painting brush.

Capture more details

Working in plain air is like a dream come true for artists. You get to feel plain air and a touch of nature. Therefore, you get a better chance of capturing even the smallest details or essence of a place. In the end, you become a better artist.

Simplified painting process

When painting art outside, you will be concentrating more on the tone of your paintings and the surrounding. Thus, you will simplify the shape and your painting techniques while achieving the same or better output.

Are you an artist considering to paint outdoors? We recommend using small canvases to start with. To make the process easy, it is advisable to start with easy to understand subjects.

For instance, your first painting could be about a few distant scenes. When painting your first scene, focus more on the colors and values of the big shapes.

Painting outdoors, especially signing up for Plein air events, has improved artists’ benefits come together. You get to meet other artists as well as a chance to paint away from home.

Try painting outdoors, and you will realize that it is one of the climax joys of being a painter. Experiencing nature and an unlimited flow of thought will motivate you to create better pieces.

Whether you intend to paint outdoors by yourself or join a Plein air event, painting art outdoors is n exercise that will significantly help you enhance your painting skills. It is time to get yourself out there!

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