Lowa Boots

Lowa Boots

Lowa-Backpacking-and-Hiking-BootsLowa boots offer the finest European quality and craftsmanship. Made by skilled craftsmen and women for over 90 years. Lowa is the only manufacturer of outdoor boots to be granted ISO status for the highest quality construction. Lowa Boots give you better value for your money. Using high quality leathers, these are definitely some of the best hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering boots for men and women that you can buy. These boots have a superior fit which means less chance of blisters. Using one of the most durable materials for midsoles means longer lasting boots.

From the heavy duty Tibet GTX Hi Hunting Boots to the light hiking and backpacking Renegade GTX Mid Boots, Lowa has shoes and boots for every need. Buy Lowa Boots for your next outdoor adventure and find out for yourself why gear reviewers and boot experts love Lowa Boots.   

  • High Quality: Lowa uses the highest quality materials from top-grade European leathers to durable hardware. Lowa is unique in that it meets ISO 9001's stringent manufacturing quality standards. You can trust that corners weren't cut trying to keep costs controlled.
  • Handcrafted: Attention to detail by well-treated workers means you'll get boots made with pride. The result...boots that last longer.
  • Heel-to-Toe Comfort: From Supination/Pronation Support (SPS)to its climate control system, Lowa boots feature exclusive advancements that help your feet--and body--feel less fatigued after a day on the trail.
  • Health: Lowa looks out for its workers health and the health of the planet. Clean manufacturing, minimal waste, and fair labor practices mean you can feel good about buying Lowa boots.
  • History: Lowa knows boots. With a 90 year continuous history making backpacking and hiking boots you know you're getting the cumulative value of experience and lessons learned along the way.

About Lowa's Legendary Leather Linings

Lowa Boots Leather Linings

 Buttery, Leather lining hugging your feet and molding to your unique foot shape... 

"Sounds wonderful," you say, "but isn't it going to be hot when I'm cranking out the miles on a summit hike or multi-day backpacking trip?" Our answer, in a a word, is NO!

We know, we know.. .it's hard to believe that Lowa would call their leather lining "Natural air conditioning for your feet" but read on for more about the natural breathability of leather and the thought that goes behind Lowa's choice of leathers and tanning processes... and you'll never doubt again!

LOWA’s only uses the highest quality raw materials for their leather lining, and the best tanning processes that are kind to the skin. In this way, the heat (and sweat) produced within the footwear is directed away by the leather lining, leaving a pleasant internal wear climate. So what you get, every day on the trail, is:

  • Excellent wear comfort: smooth yet retains its shape Excellent wear comfort: smooth yet retains its shape
  • Healthy internal wear climate: air and moisture vapor permeable
  • Dry feet: high levels of moisture absorption and moisture vapor release
  • Constant temperature: warmth retention adapts to ambient external climate
  • Very durable: hard-wearing, flexible, tear and abrasion resistant

LOWA COWHIDE NAPPA LEATHER - Natural, with high-tech qualities:
As a lining material, leather naturally has many of the qualities that high-tech fabrics require extensive development to achieve. LOWA uses only the very best cowhide nappa leather, which is particularly high performance. The leather is not dyed, nor is its surface treated in any way, so that the pores remain open and the leather can breathe. Its moisture absorption level is up to 200% of its own weight. This is only achievable by using special tanning methods. LOWA uses soft cowhide nappa leather that originates in Germany and is 1 - 1.5 mm thick.

Need we say more?? Seriously, though, it's time you stopped reading and just put a pair of Lowa leather lined boots on. But beware... you might never want to take them off...

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