Asolo Boots

About Asolo Boots


Asolo Boots is an Italian company that strives to offer heavy duty boots to function optimally in all conditions, on any terrain.


About Asolo

Asolo boots are known for having a superlative fit which assists the foot’s propulsion. Far from bulky, Asolo boots are lightweight yet supportive, perfect for walking, hiking, backpacking, or summiting high-altitude mountains. Asolo boots feature highly researched and developed soles that are virtually limitless- designed to give maximum grip and agglutinate to slippery terrain. Asolo boots are also breathable and absorb shock on unforgiving terrain. Asolo boots are made to perform and also feature contemporary aesthetics. 

One of Asolo’s top boots is the lightweight hiking and backpacking boot, the Asolo Fugitive. Another boot worthy of any backpacker’s attention is the Asolo TPS - rugged, tenacious and top-of-the-line. 

Take a look at this video showing the innovative natural fit of Asolo Hiking Boots:

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