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Deuter, the first producer of nylon backpacks, is still a leading designer of mountaineering, alpine and biking packs and gear.

Deuter USA -- Company History

About Deuter Backpacks

Deuter Backpacks (pronounced doy'ter) is one of the oldest and most respected backpack makers around. The company was founded in 1898 by Hans Deuter, making strong, durable mail bags and post sacks for the Bavarian Royal Mail. When climbers started using the mail bags as climbing packs, Hans knew it was time to do some real backpack designing. The company expanded - manufacturing backpacks, suitcases, tents, and track canopies. In 1938 Anderl Heckmair made the first acents of the North Face of Eiger - wearing a Deuter Backpack - with teamates Ludwig Vorg, Fritz Kasparek, and Heinrich Harrer. And the rest is history! From the first producer of nylon backpacks (cutting edge at the time!) in the 1960's to a leading designer of mountaineering, alpine and biking packs. Deuter hires some of the best athletes in the world to design gear. In the last 20 years, Deuter has expanded internationally, creating a Deuter USA subsidary.

Women's Fit Backpacks

Deuter has continued to produce great products for those of us who love the outdoors. Deuter has been coninuously committed to producing high-quality, state-of-the-art outdoor gear. Are you a backcountry junkie wanting to buy a pack that can carry your skis and winter gear? Take a look at Deuter's Winter Backpacks specifically designed for alpine and backcountry use. Are you looking for the perfect all-around backpack, a women's-specific backpack design, some great travel sacks, or even a minimalist backpack for fast approaches? Take a look at our entire selection of Deuter Backpacks. Perhaps you're on to that other great adventure - parenting! Why not trust the best designer of backpacks to make an awesome, when you're ready to buy a bomber, Child Carrier

Deuter loves the outdoors so much that it made this short "movie" about being in the mountains with Deuter packs. We love the old-time footage of climbers and it really shows how backpacks have evolved over the years: 

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