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About Julbo


Julbo makes eye wear, glacier glasses and ski goggles that set the bar for performance mountaineering, climbing, and skiing, as well as premier sunglasses for fast paced outdoor sports, aquatic sports, and even modern urban styles for everyday or travel.


About Julbo

Julbo and the founding Baud family name is world renowned, with over 120 years of experience manufacturing corrective and protective optics. From elite athlete to the mainstream adventurer, Julbo offers not only the most protective lenses available--made to perform in the most demanding Himalayan environments--but the most innovative. 

With an alpine tradition rooted high in the Jura Mountains of France, Julbo churns out industry leading glacier glasses like the Julbo Explorer, the Julbo Bivouak and the Julbo Monterosa. These glasses are extremely popular with skiers, snowboarders, glacier explorers, ski mountaineers, rock and ice climbers, and high altitude trekkers. 

And when it comes to Julbo’s photochromic lenses, they’re a cut above the rest. Simply meaning that the lenses change and react to different intensities of light, Julbo’s four photochromic lenses are the CamelZebraFalcon and Octopus.

  • The Octopus is Julbo’s sovereign lens for aquatic activities (Julbo Pipeline). Polarized and coated with a water-repellent membrane, some Julbo frames that host the Octopus lens even have foam pads for floatation.
  • The Zebra and Camel are two high definition lenses that evolve to UV light intensity. The Zebra, an amber hue, is non polarized -- perfect for when you need to see the glare of ice, or slick spots on the road. The Camel, a silver hue, is polarized- eliminating all visible glare. Both the Camel (Julbo Run) and Zebra (Julbo Dirt) reach darkness protection index levels 2-4, perfect for any mountain or desert, and are both all-terrain lenses with an anti-fog coating for action sports.
  • The Falcon is the most suited for travel and “behind the windshield” use. Sensitive to visible light, this lens evolves to any light source, including light bulbs. They are also featured on more urban styled frames (Julbo Zulu).

More recently, Julbo has responded to research on the damaging effects of the sun's harmful rays on children's eyes. They have an entire line of affordable, durable, 100-percent UV protective sunglasses for children, like the Julbo Looping 3. Because Julbo children's sunglasses apply high quality technology and innovation you can be assured that your child's eyes will have the best coverage available in a pair of kid's sunglasses. 

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