Native Sunglasses

About Native Sunglasses

Native eyewear makes world class sunglasses for hardcore athletes who like to hike, climb, ski, mountain bike, cycle, snowmobile, ATV, motocross, skateboard, the list goes on and on...

About Native Eyewear

Native eyewear is what you’ve been waiting for if you’ve ever been disappointed with how your sunglasses fit or happen to fall off of your face mid-activity. With a multitude of frame sizes and shapes, Native sunglasses fit closely to your face- secure enough to hike, climb, ski, mountain bike, cycle, snowmobile, ATV, motocross, skateboard, run, jump, skip, hop- whatever you’re motile activity may be.

The standard Native lens is polarized- to nullify harsh glare on smooth surfaces like water, road or glass. There are also numerous frames that come with interchangeable lenses. The frames are near bulletproof, but in case you’re Native’s were ever to be crushed or compromised: simply send the remains to Native with $35 and you will receive a replacement pair, no questions asked. Native sponsors heralded athlete’s who push the limits of their sports such as mountain bike legends Aaron Chase and Jeff Lenosky, pro climbers Daniel Woods and Timmy O’Neil, and urban climbing superstars Pete Takeda and Jason Kehl to name a few. Native’s are also extremely popular with triathlon competitors, and triathlon professionals Jax Mariash and Andie Bernard.

A desirable pair of Native’s for all athletes is the NativeBlanca. The the Native Hardtop XP is an excellent lightweight vented pair of sunglasses for multisport purposes with interchangeable lenses. All Native’s come with a Lifetime Warranty.