Oboz Boots

About Oboz Footwear


Oboz is a relatively new company making backpacking boots and hiking shoes, and they seem to be doing everything right. 

About Oboz Footwear

Oboz is a company with a vision - planting a tree each time someone buys a pair of Oboz Boots and running their headquarters windpower. Oboz describes their founders as “a couple of old school tele skiers, a kayaker who can claim first descent down the Ocoee, a former NOLS instructor that’s familiar with going weeks on end without bathing, and an obsessed climber turned avid biker.” Quite frankly, Oboz hiking boots are awesome, and it’s because of the passion that is put into their entire creation process. 

The word Oboz comes from combining the words “outside” and “Bozeman (MT)” and the Oboz outdoor lunatics eat, breathe and sleep with a tight-locked mindset of being outside. Most of the Oboz forefathers have decades or experience in the industry, but simply got tired of dreading having to go to the office each day. These industry veterans are crazed about making superior outdoor products, understand the importance of cutting zero corners in the production process, and also observe the obligation to a morning shred session when a foot of powder comes overnight. 

Basically, Oboz is not out there seeking a formula for their highest possible profit margin, but actually to fairly serve people exactly like themselves: those who demand the highest caliber of boot at an agreeable price. Check out their acclaimed backpacking boot the Bridger BDRY Hiking Boots, their light backpacking boot the Yellowstone II Bdry, and their fantastic hiking shoe - and this one seems to be part of the staff uniform at CC Outdoor Store ;) - the Oboz Sawtooth Low

At CCOutdoorStore.com, we have a hunch: we think the Oboz crew wanted a shoe of exceeding quality to have for their own use, and just so happen to be selling them to the public. Ready to buy a pair of Oboz Boots and plant a tree? Click HERE to view our selection of Oboz Footwear.