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About Redfeather Snowshoes


Redfeather introduced the first lightweight aluminum V-tail design snowshoe in 1988, revolutionizing the sport of snowshoeing and increasing the popularity of snowshoeing racing. 

About Redfeather Snowshoes

Redfeather Snowshoes is a company that crafts snowshoes in the snowshoe capital of the US - Lacrosse, Wisconsin. These aren't your Grandpa's rawhide snowshoes! Redfeather innovation continued with the Epic Binding, the first ratchet binding system on a snowshoe and the popular ATB strapped binding system. Redfeather is also the first snowshoe company to offer interchangeable bindings and crampons on all models. They introduced the Live Action Hinge, which springs back after each step, allowing people to walk with a natural step. As snowshoeing became more family-orientated, they introduced the popular Snowpaw, the first kid's snowshoe that leaves animal tracks in the snow.

Redfeather makes high quality snowshoes for all your needs. Are you interested in snowshoe racing and want a seriously light and strong snowshoe? Take a look at the Redfeather Trek SV2 Snowshoes, Redfeather's top-of-the-line racing snowshoes voted "Best Running Snowshoe" by Backpacker Magazine. Are you looking for a snowshoe that tracks well over unbroken snow? The Vapor Ghost Snowshoes are for hunters, trappers, wildlife photographers, or anyone who wants to get out in the wilderness. Looking for some family activities that you can do together this winter? Redfeather hasn't forgotten its youngest snowshoers - the Y-20 Kid's Snowshoes is perfect for younger children up to about 8, and the Y-22 Youth Snowshoes are for older kids not quite ready for an adult snowshoe. 

Credit Redfeather snowshoes for fun, functional designs that everyone from the Northwest to the Northeast can love. Plus, every Redfeather snowshoe is made here in America so when you buy Redfeather you are supporting hundreds of families in the Mid-West.

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