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TrekSta hikers and running shoes - the first shoe truly created to fit the human foot!

Why do TrekSta's fit like no other?  The conventional shoe last has always been made for a generalized foot shape.  The NestFit last was born out of measurements taken from some 20,000 individual feet; human feet...just like yours.  Add in sophisticated computer modeling and now you have a unique upper, insole, midsole, and outsole which mold perfectly to the unique contours of your foot, providing a custom fit unlike any other.

The team at CC Outdoor Store is duly impressed by the thought and sophistication that went into designing these NestFit shoes.  You will notice the difference in look - with a toe area that actually looks like the shape of most human feet you've seen, not those perfectly symmetrical U-Shape toe boxes seen on every other hiking boot and running shoe on the market.  But the proof is in the pudding - put a pair of TrekSta's on and give 'em your most demanding run or hike - you'll be glad you did!

Key Features:

  • The 3D NestFit last mimics the real contours of the human foot.
  • Unnecessary gaps are filled and extra space is allowed in the places your feet need it most.
  • Upper, insole, midsole, and outsole work together in unison to provide unrivaled comfort.
  • Variable density EVA & PU in the insole and midsole offer both cushion and support.


TrekSta NesFit TrekSta Shoe Design and Technology

TrekSta Nestfit design technology isn't about just one piece of the hiking or running shoe... it's about a total page, each piece of which was carefully planned and designed to work together.  You won't believe the comfort.


The upper is built around a lst designed by measuring the curves and contours of 20,000 different feet.  The last mirrors the contact points of the leading portion of the big toe, the curve along the other four toes and the indentation of the arch and instep.



THE TREKSTA LASTThe NestFit last is designed to account for every contour of the human foot, eliminating unnecessary gaps and pressure points.





The insole matches the curves and contours of the bottom of th foot, eliminating gaps for unmatched comfort. Three different densities of EVA polymer give the correct amount of support to each are of the foot.




TREKSTA MIDSOLE The variable density midsole compliments the insole to give you that "alking on a cloud" feeling.


 THE TREKSTA OUTSOLEThe top of the outsole matches the midsole rubber profile for a seamless supportive whole. The slight heel and forefoot "rocker" eases the impact of the initial foot "strike" and supports the natural progression of the step.



 Take a look at this video showing the TrekSta NesFit Technology in action:

TREKSTA ICELOCKTrekSta trail shoes also feature unique sole patterns with Ice Lock technology to give you unmatched grip and stability on any surface.

The idea for IceLock arose from waking up to snow covered paths on a morning when the TrekSta innovators had a big run planed – reluctantly strapping clunky devices onto shoes so they could navigate their way without eating it. It comes from the perfect day hike that was cut short when the path turned from dirt to packed snow as the elevation increased. It grew out of the frustration of having to buy a different shoe for each season. It evolved when we began to think about the hazardous black ice laced trek to the grocery store. It was refined by the countless hours we put in hiking and running in various terrains containing hard pack, roots, loose dirt, mud ice and snow. 

Necessity is the mother of invention. TrekSta's all-year outdoor lifestyle demanded a solution, a totally new, innovative solution. IceLock was born. 

IceLock is a patent pending technology that dramatically increases traction on ice. Micro-glass filaments are electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound creating slip-stopping surface tension. TrekSta embeds HyperGrip soles with IceLock pads creating the first ever all-season shoe. 

Key Features:

  • Micro Filaments magnetically aligned creating slip stopping surface tension.
  • The vertically aligned filaments will be exposed for the life of the sole, ensuring grips as they wear.

Take a look at this video showing the TrekSta IceLock Technology in action:



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