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About Vasque Boots


Vasque offers durable shoes and boots for trail running, walking, hiking, backpacking and beyond.

About Vasque Footwear Company

Vasque is an American boot company based in Red Wing, Minnesota that proudly represents the United States and has done so throughout its illustrious heritage. Vasque founder William Sweasy traveled to Europe in 1965 when mountaineering and outdoor recreation were infectiously gaining popularity. Sweasy knew that would be the case in the states inevitably, and he was determined to offer premier mountain equipment made by and for Americans. Since the 1970's Vasque has offered a wide variety of shoes and boots for a multitude of uses and niches. If you're trail running, walking, hiking, backpacking, or simply looking for a shoe that is built to last, as well as support and protect your feet - Vasque will not let you down. 

Vasque works with some of the top names in the footwear industry such as Vibram and Goretex to deliver its consumers necessary, dependable and familiar facets. 

Do you like it fast and light on the trail? Go with the trail-running shoes made for rugged terrain like the Vasque Pendulum Trail Running Shoes or light-weight hikers like the Vasque Grand Traverse Hiking Shoes

More the hiker-typer? Vasque's top selling lightweight hiking boot, the classic Vasque GTX Breeze, fits and feels great from your very first step. Or you can take it to the next level with Vasque's heavy-duty boots - backpackers everywhere love the Vasque St Elias GTX Hiking Boots, and of course the classic Vasque Sundowner GTX Boots

Vasque makes some of the greatest women's boots around, too. Classic hiking favorites like the Vasque Women's Sundowner GTX Boots, stylish hikers like the Talus WP Ultradry Hiking Boots, and don't forget the best women's trail runners around the Pendulum Women's Trail Running Shoes

And because Vasque is an expert at making boots for being in the mountains, there's a whole line of great Vasque Winter Boots

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