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Zeal Optics Snow/Ski Goggle Technology

 Zeal Optics is a leader in Visual Innovations for the sports and performance category. Zeal Optics boasts the world's Only PPX Polarized & Photochromatic Lens goggle, and just look at their new Zeal Z3 GPS Goggles... need we say more? All Zeal goggles are made from the finest materials. The Zeal Optics team designs everything in Boulder, USA... with surroundings like that, they certainly know how to build them to stand up to the elements. 

Nothing ruins your snow sport experience more than a pair of goggles that fogs, doesn't fit right, or messes with your vision when the light conditions change. Zeal Optics has thought of all of that with their SPPX line of snow and ski goggles. But if you don't need all of this performance in one goggle, Zeal's got something for you, too. Check out the 
Zeal Optics Goggles Lens Comparison Chart
at the bottom of this page for more on the different offerings that match your winter activity and price point. 

 Zeal Optics' Polarized AND Photochromatic Snow/Ski Goggles

In the days of ski-goggle old, folks had to choose between a polarized lens and a photochromic/photochromatic (read: tint adjusting) lens. Zeal developed the World's First Photochromatic and Polarized Self Adjusting Goggle, and now their full line of PPX and SPPX goggles feature a unique multi layer lens that has a glare cutting polarized filter and Photo-Chromatic layering that allows the lens to actually change from dark to light depending on changing light conditions. So you get two separate lens features in one lens. The SPPX/PPX lenes reduce the need to change out lenses or change eyewear, so you spend more time enjoying uninterrupted, clear vision. 

Zeal Optics “No-Fog” Snow/Ski Goggles
Once again Zeal is ahead of the curve with a unique process of infusing an anti-fog agent into the inner lens material as it is being made. It is expensive and that is why you won't find the NO-FOG treatment in most other brand name goggles. But your Zeal Optics anti-fog treatment will never rub off or smear while cleaning. 

With Zeal, you get...

 Carrying case to protect your investment: Many Zeal goggles come with a BONUS protective hard carrying case and all goggles come with a micro fiber cleaning bag.

  • SPPX, PPX and SPX Spherical lens options for maximum visibility (more info)

  • Exclusive ZB-13 colored lens. The BEST lens color for bright to low light.

  • NO-FOG Lens treatment together with PASV vented lens system, virtually eliminates fogging

  • Technothane™ lightweight, pliable and strong frames provide all day comfort: The soft face-forming Technothane contours and molds to the shape of your face without pinching or binding.
  • Triple density foam form-fits to your face and wicks away moisture
  • Super Jacquard strap is long lasting and comfy
  • All modular: need a spare lens? Did you break a part? ...just get a replacement


Zeal Optics Goggles Lens Comparison Chart

Zeal Optics Goggles Lens Comparison Chart


  • The Spherical curve of the lens better matches the contour of your eyes, delivering more accurate visual performance

  • 20% More Air Volume, further reduces chance of foggin

Xtreme Low Light (Limited Edition) 

  • New for 2010, The latest advance in Zeal Optics Photochromatic Polarized Technology

  • UV Activated Auto Light Adjusting Lens that transitions from Yellow to high contrast Rose.

  • Light Transmission adjusts from 13% to 43%

  • One lens works in most light conditions, even Extremely Low Light!


  • The world's only Polarized Photochromatic Goggle. The best of both worlds.
  • UV Activated Auto Light Adjusting Lens
  • Light Transmission adjusts from 16% to 33% (or 13% to 43% in SPPX edition)
  • One lens works in most light conditions


  • Reduces Glare
  • Enhances Vision
  • Reduces Eye Strain

Permanant No Fog

  • Our Anti Fog is permanately infused to the inner lens
  • Will not rub off like our competitors anti-fog does

100% UV Protection

  • Blocks 100% of the suns harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays
  • Prevents many forms of eye damage

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Zeal lens technologyZeal Optics Lens Technologies

 Zeal Optics NXT PPX Lens
The latest in lens technology, the NXT PPX is Zeal's Polarized and Photochromic (transitioning / auto UV adjusting) NXT lens. NXT is the same material that - no joke - goes on military helicopters. You can be sure it is the best for optical clarity and ballistic strength. All of Zeal's NXT lenses are photochromatic / polarized, too. 

Key features include:

  • Polarized - Reduces glare, enhances your vision and relaxes your eyes.
  • Photochromatic - Auto-adjusting tint transitions in changing light conditions. Perfect tint for maximum versatility, in all conditions. 13-28% V.L.T.
  • NXT lens - Superior optical clarity, shatter proof and ballistic material.
  • 100% UV protection - Saves you eyesight. Also blocks all harmful UV rays (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C)


Zeal Optics ZB-13 Polarized
Like pillows for your eyes, Zeal's exclusive ZB-13 POLARIZED lenses is one of the most relaxing experiences your eyes will ever have. The proprietary ZB-13 lens color soothes your eyes, enhances vision and allows your eyes to adjust to the always changing light conditions. It provides optimum blend of contrast, clarity and light transmission for all day COMFORT for your eyes. The layered polarized lens filter, cuts glare that is experienced with all outdoor sports. The polarized lens offer maximum comfort for ultimate performance. 

Over the years, Zeal has tested lens colors and treatments to find the ultimate in PERFORMANCE blend of lens colors. ZB-13 POLARIZED is an enticing mix of all that is soothing and enhances for your vision. 

Zeal Optics Exclusive ZB-13 Polarizing Technology
The only lens that provides use in the broadest range of light conditions, resulting in performance enhancement, overall eye comfort and user satisfaction. ZB-13 lenses eliminates the need for extra lenses.