Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2

CC Staff Reviewer: Dylan

Dylan on mountaintop in AZBig Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 Review

IN A NUTSHELL: A tent for gear heads, the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 is incredibly lightweight, compact, and there’s no shortage of functionality.

The Good Stuff:

  • Compact

  • Lightweight

  • Sets up in a flash

  • Sensible interior storage

The Kinks:

  • To save weight, it has only one door

  • Made for average-sized people and I’m 6’ 3”

  • To be most effective, the fly requires quite a few stakes.


The reviews: After reading 50-75 reviews, I find that most reviewers comment on the small amount of interior space. This tent isn't by any means going to be a hangout area for a group. Reviews vary between some saying the tent performed impressively during high winds, others say the seams and poles were compromised in 30+ mph winds. Some say that the mesh near the bottom of the tent doesn't vent well and leads to interior condensation. Others say different. For the most part, reviews are very good. The most common objection is that the inside of the tent isn't as spacious as others. Example: Jimmy Elam- Full review provided by Snug as a Bug on a Rug  I've put years of abuse to this tent and it has definitely held its own. If you correctly stake it out, it holds up to high winds pretty well. It has a very compact design and is on the small side for a 2-person. I'd say two average sized guys will have to be pretty close buddies for it to not be awkward in this tent. I love the sleek design and never have a hard time finding a spot to post up when space is limited. It might be on the expensive side, but if you're looking for a super light with a quality design, give it a shot!

The real Skinny - CC Reviewer Notes: My buddy and I got the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 tent for a cycling trip. Between the two of us, we had to carry everything required for over 400 days of living, bike riding, and camping. Since it weighs next to nothing and took up the least space in our panniers, we selected the Fly Creek UL 2 tent to be our portable homestead. For such a small item in size, this was one of our most valuable amenities; it was our home and place of refuge. Here’s what I determined about the Fly Creek UL2 after using it for many months in a row: From a functionality standpoint, it did very well; everything a tent should do, it did. It was dependable, rugged, and kept bugs, plus the majority of moisture, out. The Fly Creek UL2 has two side pockets that were big enough for me to store my phone, camera, GoPro, knife and headlamp. The overhead stowe area was perfect for our small light or speaker. Its mesh “ceiling” allowed for bug-protected stargazing, and when conditions weren’t ideal, the fly did a pretty good job keeping out moisture and retaining heat. Yes condensation occurred on the inside, but that will happen in every and all tents. There were few better feelings than after we’d accomplished our day’s tasks and it was time to climb into the Fly Creek to rest. Zipping closed the fly and tent doors signified relaxation and a time to recharge for the next day’s challenges. Although I was a little cramped inside and couldn’t quite sprawl out, at 6’ 3”, I’m used to that, and sleeping on my side a little curled up was fine. I would recommend that if you’re going to share this tent with a non-romantic partner, y’all better be close friends and not terrified of a bump or the incidental graze throughout the night. Since me and my homeboy are pretty tight and comfortable with ourselves, claustrophobia or physical contact were not issues that affected us. There are a hundred different tents out there that one can buy, but this is one of the lightest and most compact available, without sacrificing quality.