Lowa Boots Brand Review

Lowa Boots Review

CC Staff Reviewer: Maureen

IN A NUTSHELL: Lowa Boots boast great quality and fit. I never feel shy recommending a Lowa. Lowa Boots and shoes can be pricey and fit is a bit more narrow than "mainstream" brands, but these shoes and boots last a long time... and once you have the fit right you'll want to stay with Lowa for years to come!

What our customers love about LOWA:

  • Quality
  • Comfort (leather lined models especially)
  • Durability
  • Popular models come in narrow and wide
  • Large sizes (15 & 16) available in many models

Challenges to keep in mind with LOWA:

  • Slightly more narrow fit than mainstream brands
  • Can be pricey
  • Unique sizes can be hard to get (expect to get on a waitlist!)

The real Skinny - CC Reviewer Notes:

We often see visitors in our retail store who have travelled quite a distance just to get their feet in some Lowa boots. And for good reason - Lowa is all about quality, whether you are looking for shoes that take you hiking, backpacking, or just walking the dog down the road.

Customer favorites by far are the Lowa Renegade GTX Boots for a great all-around shoe and the Lowa Tibet GTX Boots for the creme de la creme in performance and durability. Both have waterproof Goretex linings, but once our customers see and feel Lowa's Lowa Leather Linings, they take a second look at the new leather-lined Renegades. I myself am considering a Lowa Leather-lined boot for my next pair, even though I live in a region of the country that actually has a very serious "mud season." The reality is that the leather upper is pretty water resistant as it is, and plus I don't really hike in river beds. Of course you should make your own decision about whether you need a Goretex lining based on your hiking profile.

I really don't get much negative feedback from our customers about Lowa boots, but I also don't usually recommend lowa to those with tight budget restrictions. With Lowa, the "pay now or pay later" concept is the guiding principal.

I have had very few warranty return issues with Lowa boots, but in the rare cases when this happens, Lowa is fantastic to work with. They really stand by their product! This is a huge plus for our customers - and for someone like me in the position of making recommendations.

We actually sell quite a bit of Lowa to people with "unique" sizes. Size 13 wide? Size 15? size 14 narrow? Lowa actually makes boots in these sizes! I love having this brand to recommend to our hard-to-fit customers. The catch, however, is that Lowa doesn't stock these large sizes deeply... and neither do we. Often our customers have to wait weeks - even months - for these sizes. But if you are this size, you are probably used to limited options. Last-minute shopping has probably never been in cards for you. At least in exchange for the wait you know you can get a great quality boot designed for your foot.

If you are new to Lowa Boots, expect to go a bit larger (and wider?) than your "normal" size. Spend some time trying on your boots in your home - walk around... go up and down stairs... pay close attention to whether your toes are getting squeezed or if there is a loose/rubbing spot. Remember your feet will swell after a long day on the trail - or just a long day.

Once you have the right Lowa fit, you'll come back to Lowa boot after boot... but don't expect to do it very often. Your Lowa boots will last for a long long time.