Vasque Pow Pow Winter Womens Hiking Boots Staff Review

Vasque Pow Pow Winter Womens Hiking Boots Staff Review

CC Staff Reviewer: Maureen

IN A NUTSHELL: The Vasque Pow Pows are comfortable and surprisingly light. They keep my feet toasty, which is saying a lot because my feet are ALWAYS cold! brrrrr.

The good stuff:

  • Light
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • features for snowshoes and crampons

The kinks:

  • take some time to lace up and put on
  • too warm in certain conditions

The real Skinny - CC Reviewer Notes:

I really like these boots. They keep my feet warm during active winter days, and even most cold fall days when I'm just standing around watching my kids play soccer or waiting for my husband to catch up to me on the trail. ;)

I've had my boots for over two years now and they are standing up really well. Granted, I think snowy conditions can be nicer to boots than gravel and rocks, but I tend to get nervous about a lot of stitching on boots and I can't see any signs of seams coming apart anywhere. The fabric lace holders/eyelets are also doing quite well, even with my constant tightening and loosening...

One of my favorite features is the solid sole with great traction. I always feel like I'm on solid ground wearing these boots, which lots of nooks and crannies to grab the trail. These boots also take my Crescent Moon Snowshoes and Kahtoola Microspikes without a problem. There's a great lip on the back that anchors bindings really well.

The extra-high ankle goes a good 3 inches above my ankle bone, and I feel like that gives me a lot of extra warmth and it also keeps snow out.

There are only two negative things I have to say about these boots. And neither of them are bad, per se, but rather warnings about use.

First, they can be really warm when you come inside after your day on the trail. So plan to take them off if you're going to be inside for any length of time - especially if you plan to go back out. You don't want your feet to get sweaty and then venture into the cold that way.

Second, they are not a quick pull-on boot. Because the cuff is high (see above), there's a lot of loosening to be done more than half way down the laces in order to slip them off. On the bright side, there's lots of opportunity to customize your fit. Actually, the laces are not super-long so if you loosen enough, you could probably use for a quick pull-on when you want to run outside to get the photo of that moose that just showed up outside your door!