Boot Sizing Information for Lowa Boots

Customers should consider the following information when buying Lowa Boots:

Boot Sizing Information for Lowa Boots
Lowa says that their boots are made specifically to the measurements found on a Brannock Device - the measuring tool you see in most shoe stores and is pictured on the left.

Most American customers find Lowa boots to run a tad small and/or narrow.  This is based on our experience with online customers around the country, but also has proven true when we fit customers here in our Vermont store.  If you haven't recently stepped on a Brannock device and/or are in doubt at all, we like to recommend that customers go with the larger size option.

If your feet are on the wider side--a D/E or larger--you should buy from styles with a wide size option. Wide boots not only increase the lateral measurements of the boot, but provide larger overall volume. Please note that not all Lowa boots come in a wide model.

Each hiking and backpacking boot style may feel a bit different based on things like:

-  Ankle height - the higher up on the ankle it goes, the more stiff it will feel
-  Rubber rand - if there is a rand all the way aroudn the boot, there will be less ability to "break in" or expand
-  type and thickness of the shank - a thicker shanke equates to less boot flex
-  Leather lining - at first leather lining may feel "puffier" but ultimately we have found that is "packs out" and molds to the shape of your foot for an excellent custom feel
-  Last - while some similar Lowa boots are made on the same last (the mold from which they shape the boot), many have different lasts.  Generally, Lowa backpacking boots tend to have a more generous fit.
-  Size/length ratio - if you're looking for more room, note that each 1/2 size of a Lowa boot brings about 1/2 inch of extra length

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Often we recommend that customers buy a ½ size bigger than their US size when buying Lowa boots. Consider a wide-fit model if you tend to notice pinching on the sides of your feet or otherwise buy wide shoes.

For more background about how backpacking boots are made and general sizing and fit recommendations, check out our HIKING BOOT FIT GUIDE page.

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In the end everyone's feet are different--and often each foot is different--so the only truly reliable way to know how a boot fits is to try them on.  

That's why we offer a 60 day return policy.  Just keep the boots and packaging clean and intact and the tags on.  Try on your Lowa Boots on the carpeting around your house.   


**  NOTE: discount code only applies to Lowa footwear.  Not applicable on items  that are already on sale or clearance.