Mating Big Agnes Sleeping Bags

Mating Big Agnes Sleeping Bags Together

"Mating" is the process of zipping together two Big Agnes sleeping bags.

Mating Big Agnes Sleeping Bags Together

Camping with your sweetheart is always a bit nicer when you can zip your bags together. All Big Agnes Classic Series Sleeping Bags are compatible with each other. For example - a left zipper Encampment 15° Sleeping Bag size regular can "mate" with a right zipper Lost Ranger 15° Sleeping Bag regular or a right zipper Cross Mountain 45° regular. The key is to always have a right and a left zipper from compatible series.

Here is the tricky part, Classic bags zip together with Park bags, but Divide bags only zip with Divide. All Big Agnes Divide series bags are compatible with each other and all Park series bags are compatible with other Park series sleeping bags. The Big Agnes Park Series tend to be wider bags - perfect if you need extra room or want to buy an overbag. If this is the kind of sleeping bag you want to buy, take a look at the Elk Park -20°Whiskey Park 0°Summit Park 15°Hog Park 20°Deer Park 30°, and the Buffalo Park 40°.

If you're interested in buying a narrower, super-light sleeping bag or a liner bag for the winter, the Big Agnes Divide Super-Light SL series such as the Pomer Hoit SL 0°Hahns Peak SL -20°Zirkel SL 20°Horse Thief SL 35°, and the Pitch Pine SL 45°.

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