What is DownTek

What is DownTekWhat is DownTek™?

We know that down is the single best insulation that exists. However, it has a problem when it gets wet. Mother Nature designed down clusters to trap pockets of air. Those pockets are what insulate, keeping you warm and comfortable. Then moisture comes along and deflates the pockets of air, eliminating down's ability to insulate. That is why you see those geese shake off the rain! Enter DownTek™ Water Repellent Down. DownTek™ shields those insulating-air-trapping-clusters from all wet things.

DownTek, stays Dry: Absorbs 30% less water than untreated down
Dries 60% faster than untreated down
Retains significantly more loft than untreated down after exposure to moisture

DownTek™ is Washable:

DownTek™ products can be washed without losing the ability to repel water
Best results when washed using Grangers Down Wash

is Lightweight: DownTek™ retains same fill power as untreated down

Water repellent treatment adds no measurable weight
Products with DownTek™ remain drier and lightweight longer

is Natural: All natural, non-synthetic treated down

PFOA (synthetic thought to be cause cancer) & PFOS (global pollutant) free

is Environmentally safe: DOWNTEK = BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

When molecules of moisture encounter


Take a look at this video on DownTek™ Technology:


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