Boot Sizing Information for Zamberlan Boots

Boot Sizing Information for Zamberlan Boots

Boot Sizing Information for Zamberlan Boots


Read on for our best guidance on choosing the right Zamberlan boot size without visiting the shop.
There are four things we think you should keep in mind when buying Zamberlan boots:


  • In general, Zamberlan boots are a C/D width.  For most of our customers with average size feet, Zamberlan boots are amazingly comfortable right out of the box.  According to customer and industry reviews, Zamberlans tend to be a bit roomier than other European brands but not quite as wide as some American brands.  


  • When choosing which size to order, most folks find no need to "go up to the next size". Zamberlan spent a lot of time translating their European sizes to US sizes.  There US sizes are often a half size bigger on the EU scale than other  European brands.  Your normal US size will most likely fit you just fine.  We recommend that you buy your Zamberlans in your US Size. 


  • Once you get your Zamberlan boots to try on,  pay attention to how your heel is fitting.  When trying on your boots, check to see that your heel is fitting correctly in there. Zamberlan is known for their heel lock - the nice snug fit at the heel that grabs your foot. There is a slight curve that grabs the ankle area.  If the boot is slightly too big your heel may rub against the heel lock curve.  Pay close attention to a proper heel fit  to save yourself from blisters on the trail!


  • Zamberlan boots tend not to fit folks with a width of E or more unless you go up a half size and are OK with a little extra length.   If you have a particularly wide foot and typically buy wide shoes, many Zamberlan boots may not fit you. Consider the 1006 Vioz Plus which is the only Zamberlan boot built on a wide last

For more background information about hiking and  backpacking boots,  check out our HIKING BOOT FIT GUIDE

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Ultimately because even within the same brand boots can feel different and everyone has unique foot profiles,  it really is difficult for us to know exactly how a Zamberlan boot is going to fit you until you try them on.  For that reason we have a 60 day return policy.  Just don't wear your boots outside.