Your Buying Guide for Zamberlan Boots

Buying Zamberlan Boots


Your Guide To Buying Zamberlan Boots

Buying Zamberlan Boots

What distinquishes Zamberlan boots from other boot brands is the "fit". Discovering this difference at times seems like the magical product of the Piccole Dolomiti mountains of Italy. To appreciate this magical fit is to wear a pair of Zamberlans. Built on 80 years of family experience and research, Zamberlan designs boots on anatomical lasts using painstaking craftmanship. Special attention to four parts of the boot results in boots that are consistently the most comfortable we carry.

Zamberlan Boot Fit Features:

  • Toe Box: Room for the toes to fully splay out results in more comfort and stability. Standard sized for a C/D width foot, Zamberlan's boots do not come in multiple widths. Instead consumers with extra wide feet should look for Zamberlan's "plus" style boots.

  • Mid-soles: Using the foot's natural flex points, Zamberlan produces boots that outperform when under load and crossing extreme terrain. Strong torsional support with some arch structure mean your boots feel comfortable on the trail, not just in the store.

  • Uppers: Constructed with the finest quality leathers that are cut to optimize ankle flex, Zamberlan boots pad the ankle while cradling the foot for excellent stability.

  • Heel: A deep heel cup secures the user's feet keeping the foot snug and virtually eliminating all possibility of blisters. Locking the heel in place allows the foot to enjoy maximize comfort as it extends through the rest of the boot. 

While comfort and quality are Zamberlan hallmarks, it is worth noting that all Zamberlan boots come with either a leather lining or a Gore-Tex lining for waterproof, breathable comfort. You will also find Vibram soles on all Zamberlan boots. Company founder Giuseppe Zamberlan was a contemporary of Vitale Bramani whose research resulted in the industry-standard Vibram rubber soles. The two men strived to bring innovative new materials and technologies to their love of climbing in the mountains. Today, Zamberlan works with Vibram to develop exclusive soles that compliment the intended purpose of each pair of Zamberlan boots. Ready to order your Zamberlan Boots? Click HERE to return to the selection of Zamberlan Boots.