Price Matching

If you find a lower price ANYWHERE else for ANY of the items on our site, we would love the opportunity to match it. When we say that we really want you as a customer, we mean it!

We'd hate it if you found what you wanted to buy, and the only thing standing in your way was the price! We try to keep our prices as low as possible across our entire website, but we know we aren't always the cheapest.

However, we promise that we will provide you with the best customer experience possible - we really know our products, we try very hard to stock our products, and if they're in stock, most ship out within 1 business day. We offer a very easy return policy.

So don't buy from some unknown source just to save a few bucks..... give us a chance to match those prices, and weigh out the advantages of shopping with us.

Here are some ground rules:

  • First, send us an email - Let us know what item you are considering for purchase, and the lower price you found, plus a link to it, so we can go check it out.
  • The goal here is to match the delivered price of the exact same product found on sale at another website. We don't want you to go elsewhere just because of price!
  • We can't guarantee we'll match a price, as there are many factors to consider, such as unauthorized dealers selling black market products. But no matter what, we'll get right back to you and let you know.
  • Our price matching policy does not apply when the price includes gift with purchases, bonuses, free offers, rebates, auctions, closeouts, liquidations, one-of-a-kind or other limited offers.
  • Make sure that you are asking us to match the price of the current year/model for the product. For example, we can't price match a 2007 model backpack with a 2008 model backpack, even if the product model is still named the same. So, be careful of clearance sales, or discontinued product sales, making sure you're asking us to price match a current year product.